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July 22, 1944
With approval from Jiang Jieshi, the United States Army Observation Group went to the Communist base camp at Yan’an to explore the possibility of U.S. aid to Communist forces. The group, which maintained a presence there from July 1944 to March 1947, was on the whole favorably impressed with the discipline and organization of the Communists, and sought to provide direct assistance.
July 1, 1947
President Truman sent General Wedemeyer back to China on a special mission to assess the current conditions in China’s civil war.
January 1, 1954
In spite of Dulles’s snub of Zhou, the U.S. and PRC Ambassadors in Geneva began a long-standing tradition of holding occasional, highly formalized talks.The talks shifted location to Warsaw in 1958.
August 1, 1957
A group of 41 U.S. students who had been participating in the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students decided to journey to the People’s Republic of China. Most of the group stayed into October, touring Beijing and other cities in the country.
June 1, 1960
President Dwight Eisenhower met with Jiang Jieshi in Taiwan in June of 1960.
January 1, 1967
The Fund for American Studies (TFAS) has organized international academic programs for more than 20 years. Our objective is to provide a rigorous academic experience, foster dialogues that cross borders, and create a global network of responsible future leaders. In their Asia Institute on Political Economy (AIPE) program, students can stand out in the competitive global job market and in graduate school admissions by gaining invaluable international experience this summer!
Zukunft will visit the Shanghai Frontier Corps of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force to discuss cooperation in law enforcement and other exchanges.
McDermott and a delegation of city officials visited Beijing, Shahe City, and Guangzhou. McDermott made presentations to at least 200 potential investors about economic development opportunities in the city. Many investors also asked about the federal EB-5 program.
The delegation from China University of Mining and Technology toured West Virginia University facilities, talked with administrators, and learned about WVU online education programs.
The delegation from the University of Chicago, headed by president Robert, visited Shanghai Tech University for academic collaboration opportunities. The president visited the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) and the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Applied Physics on the same day.

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