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January 1, 1982
The Center’s arts education exchange with China—which took place in the 1980s—was an unprecedented program aimed to enhance knowledge of the differing approaches to the teaching of the arts in the United States and China. Through this program, the U.S. and China exchanged a series of high-level delegations and teams of arts education specialists who spent periods ranging from three weeks to three months observing arts education at selected schools and art centers in the two countries.
August 1, 1982
37 American students participated in the first joint youth summer camp in China in Beidaihe. They interacted with Chinese students, discussing life in China and America, clothing, and technology.
April 26, 1984
President Ronald Reagan became the third U.S. President to visit the PRC. The following year, Chinese President Li Xiannian became China’s first formal head of state to visit the United States
June 1, 1984
The University of California, Los Angeles hosted a program that brought together American and Chinese filmmakers to deepen the understanding and cooperation towards contemporary film. The exchange included a series of lectures and workshops over the course of 5 years in both Beijing and America covering methodology, history, form, story, and production.
August 1, 1984
In August, the 60-piece American exhibit, accompanied by 10 young artists and several teachers, will tour Beijing, Shanghai and Hohehot, Inner Mongolia. When the members of the group return, they will bring with them a similar exhibition prepared by Chinese students at the children's palaces they have visited. During their visit to China, members of the American tour group will participate in a seminar on art education and take field trips with their Chinese hosts to cultural and historical sites.
May 1, 1986
In June of 1986, the renowned tenor Luciano Pavarotti traveled to China with the Genoa Opera. As guests of the Central Opera Theatre and the Ministry of Culture, the Company performed La Boheme and gave several recitals of 19th century Italian songs. Not surprisingly, the superstar of the opera world commanded tremendous attention and adulation wherever he went in Beijing.
January 1, 1988
The United States and China reached an agreement to allow the U.S. Peace Corps to begin sending volunteers to China.
January 1, 1990
In the 1990s, the main focus of the Center’s work was the Yunnan Nationalities Cultures Project. The project was designed to assist the cultural leaders of Yunnan Province in creating a comprehensive strategy for the continuation and further development of the traditional arts of Yunnan’s 25 minority nationalities.
October 8, 1993
The Northeast Asia Cooperation Dialogue (NEACD) is a unique multilateral “track II” forum involving foreign ministry officials, defense ministry officials, military officers, and academics from China, Russia, North and South Korea, Japan, and the United States. NEACD keeps vital lines of communication open in Northeast Asia by providing regularly scheduled meetings in an informal setting, allowing participants to candidly discuss issues of regional security and cooperation.
January 1, 1994
Study abroad in Hong Kong. CityU is an internationally recognized university located at the heart of a modern Asian city. According to QS World University Rankings 2013, it is currently ranked 104th in the world's top universities. The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers broad-based, multidisciplinary and professionally-oriented taught programmes under six academic departments. CityU is located at the heart of the city and of the transportation network. Shopping malls and places of attractions are within easy reach.

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