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Springfield College sets up student recruitment offices in China

Springfield College has hit the ground running with new recruiting efforts in China, rallying behind students past and present to set up shop in the heart of two of the country's biggest cities. With a relationship extending more than 30 years, the school wants to grow its pipeline of students coming from China after opening recruiting offices in Beijing and Shanghai.
Springfield College has maintained a strong partnership with Chinese institutions such as Shanghai University of Sport, East China University and Soochow University, collaborating and exchanging students and faculty in the process. The university would like to see more Springfield College students studying abroad as well while opening up more opportunities to do the same for Chinese undergraduate and graduate students. Among ideas for the future is to have students Chinese interested in basketball spend time in the birthplace of the game and get a taste of the New England culture in the process.
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Springfield College
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students, university administrators
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Beijing, Shanghai
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