The U.S.-China Exchange website was created to address three pressing needs:

  • to have a comprehensive database of current and past diplomatic, educational/scientific, cultural, media, business, and civic exchanges between the U.S. and China
  • to document the many ways in which Americans and Chinese collaborate every day to foster deeper understanding, to address shared problems, and to build for an even more interconnected future
  • to create an informal network of organizations and individuals committed to increasing the effectiveness and inclusiveness of U.S.-China exchanges

The U.S.-China Exchange website serves a wide variety of users, including:

  • those interested in creating programs who can learn about what’s been done and what approaches have proven most successful and who can also discover potential advisers and partners
  • scholars, journalists, and others interested in the range of exchanges and participants, exchange effectiveness and other questions
  • policy-makers and others concerned with understanding the history of exchanges, the challenges they confront, and the policies and practices that facilitate strong and enduring exchanges

The U.S.-China Exchange website grew out of work done by the members and staff of the U.S.-China Bi-national Commission on Trust-Building and Enhancing Relations. Click here to read the commission’s 2014 report. Though many exchanges exist, increasing understanding, and addressing important issues, their impact is not widely known or appreciated. We intend for the website to increase the number and quality of exchanges and to expand knowledge of what such exchanges accomplish. Over time, stronger exchanges and wider awareness of their utility should increase understanding between the U.S. and China and help establish a stronger foundation of trust between the two governments and peoples. Enhanced trust should strengthen the capacity to take on shared challenges.

The website is maintained by the USC U.S.-China Institute, a program of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Three ways you can support this effort are:


Commission Report

Polls show Americans and Chinese are becoming less trustful of each other’s country. The Commission assesses the problem and offers recommendations to foster greater U.S.-China collaboration and understanding.

The Database

Hundreds of past and current U.S.-China exchanges are included in our open database. Search it to learn more about these exchanges and their impact.

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