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Lausanne announces new school in China

Lausanne Collegiate School will open a new school in China, partnering with an existing school district on an international institution that Memphis students could attend. The collaboration with Xiamen #1 School, located in the Fujian province of China, will feature the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme that is the center of Lausanne's curriculum. Students will graduate with a diploma from both schools. Xiamen #1 Lausanne International School will open in August, 2017 on a $50 million new campus built by Xiamen and will phase in students with an eventual population of about 1,200.
Families from all over the world, which could include Memphis, can apply to send their students there. The possibility exists for a future exchange program between the two schools, which will have the same admissions standards. Lausanne will also send teachers to China to train them in the IB program, and Xiamen school's teachers will come to Memphis.​ Lausanne will develop the school's academic strategic plan, assist with faculty hiring and will run the school's faculty development and evaluation processes.
Type of Exchange: 
Lausanne Collegiate School
Xiamen #1 School
Lausanne Collegiate School
Xiamen #1 School
Participants (Types): 
High school students
Exchange Date: 
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Xiamen, China
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