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A Delegation of the Chinese Chamber of Commmerce from Sichuan Mianyang Visited Los Angeles

The delegation discussed L.A. Area Chamber functions and general trade and business development in Los Angeles. The delegates were from the following: Mianynag Chamber of Commerce; Mianyang Yongkang Trading Co. Ltd.; Mianyang Guangcheng Trading Co., Ltd; Mianyang Kaimei cosmetic Co., Ltd; Mianyang Heshi massage parlors Co., Ltd; Mianyang Diyuan Trading Co., Ltd; Mianyang Wangdao Foods Co., Ltd; Mianyang Diyuan Trading Co., Ltd; Mianyang Chen De Qian Dry-goods Wholesales Co., Ltd; Mianyang Yunyang Foods Co., Ltd; Mianyang Jinbaifu Trading Co., Ltd; Mianyang Jinhongchen Trading Co., Ltd; Mianyang Youxian Meilian Supermarket; Jiangyou Tianshan Trading Co., Ltd; Jiangyou Liyou Trading Co., Ltd; Mianyang Longhui Investment Co., Ltd; and Mianyang Jingzun Trading Co., Ltd.
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Jasmin S. Gonzalez

Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Type of Exchange: 
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
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Exchange Date: 
Saturday, June 1, 2013
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