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January 1, 2012
Study abroad in Shanghai, China. The University of Dayton China Institute is just 75 miles from Shanghai in the ultramodern higher education district of Suzhou Industrial Park. Home to a third of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, Suzhou Industrial Park is a center of innovation and opportunity unlike any other. As part of the learning experience, students will have the opportunity to interact and conduct hands-on projects with UD’s partner companies in Suzhou Industrial Park.
April 13, 2013
Part of China's campaign to promote Chinese language and culture abroad, 4 new Confucius Institutes opened in Washington, D.C., New York, Georgia, and Colorado. The partnering institutions were George Washington University in D.C., Columbia University in NY, Wesleyan College in GA, and Colorado State University.
June 9, 2014
Scholars from Brown University, Nanjing University, Hong Kong University, Wellesley College, McGill University, Shanghai China -Eastern University, University of California-Davis, Shanghai University, Xiamen University, Nanjing Normal University, University of Chicago, Dalian University, Rice University, University of Paris VII, City University of New York, and Chinese University of Hong Kong participated in a three-day conference exploring gender issues related to late imperial Chinese literature and culture, (trans)gender performance and the body, modern Chinese literature, history, culture,
May 17, 2015
In spring of 2014, Professor Jensen Zhang, director of Syracuse University’s Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory, led a group of students from SU to Nanjing, China. There, they joined students from Nanjing University and Aalto University in Finland to explore the design, engineering, construction and operation of sustainable green buildings. The effort was in collaboration with Professor Michael Pelken, a former faculty member in Syracuse University's School of Architecture.

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Polls show Americans and Chinese are becoming less trustful of each other’s country. The Commission assesses the problem and offers recommendations to foster greater U.S.-China collaboration and understanding.

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