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Young People's Art Exchange Project

In August, the 60-piece American exhibit, accompanied by 10 young artists and several teachers, will tour Beijing, Shanghai and Hohehot, Inner Mongolia. When the members of the group return, they will bring with them a similar exhibition prepared by Chinese students at the children's palaces they have visited. During their visit to China, members of the American tour group will participate in a seminar on art education and take field trips with their Chinese hosts to cultural and historical sites.
Each side will learn about each's philosophy, practice, and programs through children's art.

New York Times

Type of Exchange: 
Foundation for American-Chinese Cultural Exchanges
Participants (Types): 
Students at five independent schools in Connecticut and Westchester County, students from after-school activity groups for gifted children in various parts of China
Exchange Date: 
Wednesday, August 1, 1984
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Commission Report

Polls show Americans and Chinese are becoming less trustful of each other’s country. The Commission assesses the problem and offers recommendations to foster greater U.S.-China collaboration and understanding.

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