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Yale-China has been engaged with health education in China since the early years of the 20th century when we founded medical institutions in Hunan province that remain major centers of medical education and care to this day. Current initiatives include work in nursing education, fellowships for Chinese women in the health professions, community outreach, medical student exchange, residency training, HIV/AIDS education and prevention, research ethics, and scholarship for medical students at Xiangya School of Medicine. Yale-China and faculty from the Yale School of Medicine have been working with Xiangya School of Medicine and its three affiliated hospitals on residency training for more than five years.
More than a hundred years later, Yale-China’s health programs are still built on a foundation of strong collaboration with Chinese partners. Sometimes our partners are institutions such as Xiangya, with whom we have had a historic relationship; at other times, we are forging new relationships with other institutions or groups, such as local governments, grass-roots organizations, community health centers, or universities.
Contact Info: 
Yale-China Association
Type of Exchange: 
Yale-China Association
Yale School of Medicine
Xiangya School of Medicine
Participants (Types): 
Chinese women in the health professions, medical students at Xiangya School of Medicine, and faculty from the Yale School of Medicine
Exchange Date: 
Monday, January 1, 1906
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