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First Official Delegation of Chinese Students Came to the United States

Yung Wing (Rong Hong), a naturalized U.S. citizen who received a degree from Yale University in 1854, formed the Chinese Education Mission (CEM) in 1870 with approval and support from the Government of China. The program hoped to train Chinese to work as diplomats and technical advisors to the government. He brought a group of 30 students, all teenaged males, from China to the United States for a comprehensive American education and to live with American families. Before the program ended, about 120 students took part, and some chose not to return to China.
The Qing ended the program in 1881, due to rising anti-Chinese sentiment in the United States, fears that the students were becoming too Americanized, and frustration that they were not being granted the promised access to U.S. military academies.
Contact Info: 
U.S. Department of State
Type of Exchange: 
Chinese Education Mission (CEM)
Participants (Types): 
Chinese students
Number of Participants: 
Exchange Date: 
Monday, January 1, 1872 to Saturday, January 1, 1881
United States
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